Department of CSE invites Coding enthusiaststo be part of

National Level Code Fest Aug 26 - 28, 2016 @ CSE LABS, SCSVMV University

Organized jointly with 
Entrepreneur Alumni of the Department

Compete! Challenge yourself, for thatís the way to grow


CRAFT 2K16 is a great opportunity to get together as a group, discuss your Ideas, Code, Craft and Shape it

Developers and programmers from all over India come down to take part in this coding marathon event thatís expected to last nearly 48 hours. Craft 2K16 gives you a stage to build your ideas and present it to our panel of highly-insightful judges.

The best and the second best products will be awarded with attractive prizes. Well, it doesnít end there. If your product is quite innovative, you also stand a chance to turn the heads of investors and tech giants.


List of themes but not limited to the following...

Visit for more details and registration.