Ever wanted to travel with your feet in both the boats? Change your stance at the clap of a hand, literally. Befuddle not just the audience but also

 yourself in your attempt to keep your senses about you even as the trigger happy judges get you at your wits end... Let’s hope you don't get wet.

 Block and Tackle is an event which tests the wit and speaking skill of a person. The participant has to speak for or against the topic, changing

 stance according to the whims of the judges.




1. The participants for shipwreck have to register before hand to the coordinators.
2. The first 10 registrations will be preferred for the event.
3. Each participant will be allotted with celebrity tag.
4. The participants have to convince the judges for their lives to be saved.
5. The participant who will be able to convince the judges will be declared as the winner of the game.
6. The expression and way of presentation will also be taken into consideration.