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Upcoming Events

27 October 2016


One Day  WORKSHOP ON "EFFECTIVE CODING SKILLS" on 27-10-2016  organized by Department of Computer Science and Applications

27 October 2016


One day workshop on "Importance of Entrepreneurial culture among Management students" on 27th October,2016 organizes by Faculty of Management


26 October 2016



07 to 11 Nov 2016


Department of ECE organizes FDP on Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation using Blue Ocean Strategies - Click Here to Register

07 to 11 Nov 2016


International Conference on Big Data and Data Analytics (ICBDDA – 16) organizes Department of Computer Science and Engineering on 16th – 17th December 2016



Annual Report


Annual Report 2015



Chandrika April 2016

Recently Completed Events

19 Oct 2016


Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering organized one day workshop on "Embedded Development with Sensor Interfacing" on 19-10-2016

20 OCT 2016


Department of Sanskrit & Indian Culture invites Inauguration of Saradagama on 20.10.2016

20 and 21 October 2016


Department of Chemistry organized DST-SERB Sponsored National Seminar on Chemistry of Pulses 20 & 21, October - 2016

13 Oct 2016


ELITE - 2K16 - Organized by Department of Computer Science and Applications

14-15 Oct 2016


DST Sponsored National Conference held on Recent Trends, Advancement and Applications in Digital Image Processing NCDIP-2016 Oct 14th & 15th -2016 organized by Department of CSE

03-07 Oct 2016


SHORT TERM COURSE – BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION from 03-10-2016 to 07-10-2016 at virtual Instrumentation Lab of EIE Dept, SCSVMV University

03-07 Oct 2016


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized short term course jointly in association with NITTTR on “Wireless Mobile Communication” - Report

26-27 SEP 2016


Two days FDP on Mobile App development organizes by CSE Department in association with ICTACT on 26-27 Sep 2016. - Click Here to Register

15 Sep 2016


Department of EEE organized Engineer's Day Celebration on 15 Sep 2016

Sep 2016


Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering Organizing 5th National Level Technical Symposium AAVISHKAR-2K16 on 16- September- 2016 -
Click here for photo Gallery

09 Sep 2016


Department of Physics organized National Seminar on Recent Advances in Physics -2016 in collaboration with Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) on 09.09.2016

29 AUG 2016- 02 SEP 2016


Department of Information Technology organized Short Term Course on OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGIES by NITTTR Chandigarh

Aug 2016



Department of English organized One Day International Conference on Trends & Developments in ELT August 31, 2016

02 SEP 2016


One Day National Level Workshop on Differential Evolution Algorithm for Optimization (DEAO -2016) Organized by Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Processing Department of Mechanical Engineering

29 AUG 2016- 02 SEP 2016


Two days students workshop on "Understanding Today's Networks orgainzed by Department of CSE (SCSVMV-CISCO Academy)

18 & 19 AUG 2016


AZADI-70 organized by Department of Sanskrit and Indian Culture

19 AUG 2016


Seminar on Effective Teaching and learning process organized by Department of Computer Science and application

Aug 2016



23 & 24 AUG 2016


Department of Information Technology conducts workshop on Android Application Development from 23 & 24 August 2016.

Aug 2016


Department of CSE invites Coding enthusiasts to be part of National Level Code Fest Aug 26 - 28, 2016

01 - 05
Aug 2016


Department of CSE organizes Short Term Course on Digital Repository and Storage Management by NITTTR Chandigarh

2 Aug 2016


Student training programme on Open Source Technologies by NITTTR Chandigarh on 2nd August 2016

July 2016


Department of EEE Organized Faculty Development Programme on “Simulation and Analysis of Power System using MI Power" on 22nd and 23rd July 2016

July 2016


Faculty Development Program “Formwork Engineering” with L&T from 14.07.2016 to 16.07.2016 in Civil & Structural Engineering department

July 2016


Department of CSE organised "STC on Industrial automation and Robotics from 18-7-2016 to 22-7-2016" - Register here

June 2016


SCSVMV University central Library has organized One day National conference on Bibliotherapy and Webotherapy on 11th June 2016 at Central Library, SCSVMV University in association with Madras Library Association (MALA), Chennai.



Best Faculty Award by Cognizant Technology Solutions


Admissions Open



Department of Electronics and communication organize MATLAB workshop for the students on 17th feb. 2016.



Department of Management Studies organizes a one day Seminar on Quality in Management Education - 17th February 2016



ECE Department Organized National Level Workshop on “Effective Teaching & Learning Methodology” on 18.02.2016.

15-02-2016 to 19-02-2016


Five Days Short Term Course on "Mobile Computing" organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SCSVMV University as Remote Center for NITTTR Chandigarh, on 15-19 February 2016 - Registration Form



ECE Department Organized National Level Workshop on “Effective Teaching & Learning Methodology” on 18.02.2016.



Department of Electronics and communication Engineering organizes National Level Seminar on Research Techniques on 26.02.2016



Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organizes Second National Conference on "Advanced Communication and VLSI computing Techniques (NCACVC'16)" on 18.03.2016

05.05.2016 and 06.05.2016


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organizes " International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics Communication and Computing Technology" (ICONTECH-2016)"



Payment of term fees for the Academic session 2015-16 (Last date to pay fees Extended)



Payment of term fees for the Academic session 2015-16



Department of Chemistry organizing Hands-on Training Series on “Analytical Techniques for Chemical Characterization – 2016”



Department of Electronics and communication organize one day national level workshop on “ wireless embedded systems” on 12.02.2016



Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering organizing National Level Workshop on “Design and Implementation of Power Electronics Converters Using MAT LAB” on 5th February



Department of English organizes one-day seminar-cum-workshop on outcome-based approach in association with ELTAI Chennai on 07-02-2016.



Department of Computer Science and Engineering conducting Workshop on Software Testing on 09.02.2016



Seminar on Augmented & Virtual Reality on 3rd Feb 2016 @ R & D lab at 11:00 am - organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering

29 Jan 2016


Department of Computer Science and Engineering HACKATHLON 2016 MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT On January 29th 2016

27 Jan 2016 - 28 Jan 2016


Department of Chemistry is organizing a Two day National Workshop on "Role of Nuclear &Radiation Chemistry in Energy Generation" on 27th & 28th January,2016.

06 NOV 2015


Fourth National Workshop on Instrumentation Techniques in Physics (PINTECH 15) on 06-November-2015

30 OCT 2015


Department of Computer Science and Applications organizing First National Level Technical Symposium Elite 2K15 30- October - 2015


29 OCT 2015


Cognorators Club - Season 2 - Valedictory Session held - 29 Oct. 2015

29 OCT 2015


ONE DAY NATIONAL LEVEL WORKSHOP On Application of Evolutionary Computing Techniques to Power System Optimization Problems 29th October, 2015 Organized by DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING

10 OCT 2015


One Day National Workshop on Financial Modeling Using MS-Excel (10th October 2015 @ MBA Seminar Hall from 9.00 AM) Organized by Department of Management Studies

09 OCT 2015


Seminar in Data Mining on 9th October 2015 organized by IT Department

01 OCT 2015


Department of Mechanical Engineering organizing  National Level Technical Symposium  VIRINCHIKKA on 01- October - 2015

30 SEP 2015


Department of Computer Science and Engineering organizing 13th National Level Technical Symposium BIOS 2k15 on 30- September- 2015


BIOS 2K15 Photo gallery

BIOS 2K15 Press Clips

30 SEP 2015


MoU signed between SCSVMV University and Uniq Academy, Chennai on 30 Sep. 2015

28 SEP 2015


Samskritotsava 2015 - Department of Sanskrit and Indian Culture Organizing Samskritotsava 2015 on 28/09/2015. Various Competitions will be held from 21/09/2015 to 24/09/2015 in connection with the same. For details - Click Here "On the spot registration is also acceptable"

26 SEP 2015


Multifunctional Flag Campus Recruitment event by Core and IT Companies on 26 Sep 2015 - Photo Gallery

26 SEP 2015


Department of ECE organizing one day Technical And Cultural fest on 26 September 2015

24 SEP 2015


Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering Organizing 4th National Level Technical Symposium AAVISHKAR'15 on 24- September- 2015

19 SEP 2015


National Workshop on Basics of MATLAB on 19 September, 2015 organized by Department of Physics

15 SEP 2015


48TH ENGINEERS DAY  2015 Celebration Organized by Department of IT - Photogallery

15 SEP 2015


48TH ENGINEERS DAY  2015 Celebration Organized by Department of Mechanical engineering - Photogallery

15 SEP 2015


48TH ENGINEERS DAY  2015 Celebration Organized by Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering & Mechatronics Engineering- Photogallery

15 SEP 2015


48TH ENGINEERS DAY  2015 Celebration Organized by Department of CSE - Photogallery

15 SEP 2015


48TH ENGINEERS DAY  2015 Celebration Organized by ECE

15 SEP 2015


48TH ENGINEERS DAY  2015 Celebration Organized by Department of EEE

On campus recruitment drive


On campus recruitment drive by Cognizant Technology Solution (CTS) held on 12th and 13th of September

5 SEP 2015


Department of ECE organizing NS3 workshop on 05.09.2015

24 Aug 2015


Department of Management Studies organizing GUEST LECTURE ON 24.Aug.2015

I year B.E / B.Tech classes


Commencement of classes for I Year B.E / B.Tech Students for 2015-16 Batch on 03-Aug-2015 - PHOTO GALLERY







31st Aug 2015 - 4th Sep 2015


NITTTR Chandigarh's Short Term Course Cyber Crime and Forensic Tools at SCSVMV University under REMOTE CENTER Facility on 31st Aug-04 Sep 2015 - Register here

Two Day Workshop


National Workshop on Math with open source software (NWMOSS 2015)

One Day Workshop


Department of Computer Science and Engineering organizing a One Day Workshop on Setup your own Office/Home Wireless/Wired Networking

NPTEL Study Centre


NPTEL Study Centre - Online Certification Courses@SCSVMV

27- 31 July 2015


NITTTR Chandigarh's Short Term Course on Securing Networks through Firewall, VPN and IPS at SCSVMV University under REMOTE CENTER Facility - Photo Gallery



Payment of Term Fees for the academic session 2015  2016

30- 31 July 2015


TWO DAYS WORKSHOP ON ETHICAL HACKING Organized by CSE Department - Photo Gallery



Cognizant Technology Solutions has commenced onboarding of 2015 batch recruits from SCSVMV University ( 26 June 2015)

17th July 2015


Professor Chirapat Prabandvidya, Chairman, XVI World Sanskrit Conference, Advisor, Silpakorn University, Thailand Visited our University with his team.

15th July 2015


World Youth Skills Day

2 July 2015


Hands-on Faculty Development Programme on Parallel Programming on 2 July 2015 Organizing by CSE Department - Report

3 July 2015


One Day Faculty Development Programme on BLUESPEC on 3 July 2015 Organizing by CSE Department

16th APR


Department of Computer Science And Engineering organizes National Level Hands on Workshop on Parallel Programming with CUDA-C(P2C2'15)

11th APR


Department of Management studies organizes One Day Workshop on Preparation for Research Methodology-I Examinations

10th APR


10th Youth Festival - Tarunyam 2015" on 10th April 2015.

6-7 APR


ECE Department organizing Guest Lecture in the topic of " Evolution of Indian Space Craft & Aryabatta-to-Mangalyan " on 6th & 7th April 2015 by Dr.T.K.Sundara Murthy., Mission Director, ISRO Satellite Center, Bengaluru.

2-3 APR


International Conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ICMME-2015) organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering

1st APR


Department of Civil organizes NIRMAN-2015

31stMar 2015


One day Hands on workshop on 31/3/2015, in Horizons of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security organized by Department of Information Technology.

30 Mar 2015





SCSVMV Alumni Meet @ Bengaluru on 29.03.2015
Venue:" Sankara eye hospital, kundalahalli gate,Near Marathalli bridge, Bengaluru"

28th MAR


3rd national Conference on Power system Emergencies organizing by EEE Department

23th to 28th MAR 2015


University is organizing the State Level Inter College Tournament (Sankara Trophy-15) in, Cricket on March 23.03.15 to 28.03.15

26th MAR 2015


One day workshop on "shodhganga and Anti - plagiarism Software Awareness Programme sponsored by INFLIBNET on26.03.2015 - Registration

20th MAR


Department of MBA is Organizing Conclave on Women Entrepreneurs on 20th march 2015

19th MAR


The Department of Information Technology is organizing Third National Level Technical Symposium (ECLAT-2K15) on 19 th March 2015

18th MAR


Budget 2015 Highlights & Post Budget Analysis Organized by MBA Department on 18th march 2015

16th MAR


Department of CSE organizing one day workshop on Software testing on 16th march - Registration Form

14th MAR


National Level Technical Workshop on Embedded Systems - 14th March 2015 - Organized by ECE Department

13th MAR


Department of Chemistry is organizing a national workshop on "Analytical techniques for Chemical Characterization (ATCC-2015)" .

Mar 2015


First year Engineering is organizing a "Programme on Emotional Balance Towards Personal Growth on 9th and 11th Mar 2015"

6th MAR


Department of CSE organizing One day workshop on Software testing on 6th march

7-8 MAR


NS2 student workshop conducted by the Department of ECE

26-27 FEB

  Civil department conducts a project mela [Exhibition cum competition] for polytechnic students on 26/02/2015 and 27/02/2015.

27th FEB


Faculty of Science is Organizing National Science Day Celebration (NSD-2015)

26th FEB


Department of EEE in association with IEEE Student Chapter organizes VIDYUT YANTRA - 2015, National Technical Symposium.

IEEE Student Chapter organizing Project Expo -2015 is being conducted as part of the National Symposium

25th FEB


Department of Management Studies is Organizing Awareness Programme on the Frame work of "UNION BUDGET OF INDIA"

25th FEB


Department of Computer Science and Engineering is organizing HANDS ON WORKSHOP ON SNMA Social Network Mining and Analysis - Photo Gallery

21st FEB


Alumni meet-2015 at Saravana Bhavan hotel, kandanchavadi, OMR Road, Chennai

21st FEB



20th FEB


Department of Information Technology organizes Personality development program - "Class room to Board room" - Photo Gallery

12 FEB


National conference on "INSTRUMENTATION, CONTROL AND AUTOMATION NCICA-2015" organized by Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering-photo Gallery



ECE Department conducts APOGEE'15 - A National Level Technical Symposium




29 JAN


Second national conference on "RECENT ADVANCES IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY" organized by Department of Information Technology - Photo gallery

Deepavali Greetings from Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor  

2016-17 Batch placed Students
11139F063Swathi  VenkataramaniCivil Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139F067K Vamsi Sai Ram MadhusudhanCivil Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A006Avinash KulkarniComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A019Krishna Teja ChavatapalliComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A099Sai Jayanth Reddy YenumulaComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A067Modupalli LahariComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A081Susmitha PasupuletiComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A011Sai Moukthika BhagavathulaComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A074Nakka ShiroliComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139a012Sai Hemanth BhaskaraComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A063Bala Yasaswi MakkapatiComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
1139A077Sarath Chandra NvgComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A017N.Ch HarithaComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A053Karasala JahnaviComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A021Cheedella SurendraComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A082Sai Lalith Prasad PathiComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A106Bhuvanapalli Srikanth YashaswiComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A097Raghava Prasad SridarComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A118Thiruchanuru PrudhviComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A100Kvm Sai KrishnaComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A102Sankara NarayananComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A083Chaitanya PenjuriComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139A104Smriti  NairComputer Science & Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
111405016Somasundaram VeeraraghavanComputer Science And Applicationcognizant technology solutions
11139B003Prem Kumar Naik BukkeElectrical & Electronics Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139B038Mohammed Thousif ShaikElectrical & Electronics Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139b028Vinayachari PernapatiElectrical & Electronics Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C198P. Snehaja ChandrasekharElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C001Aananda Prasuna VaratharajanElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c052Divya KutagulaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C060Gayatri NarsimhaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C011Ananthabhotla SaidivyalakshmiElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C020Balijepalli SaibhanujaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C073Jala ManikantaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C222Aravindan VenkateswaranElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c205Sai Durga Vyshnavi SrikantiElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C215V Surya KrishnaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C231Yenumula BharathnaiduElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C233Kopparapu SuryatejaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C203Sai Sunder Sripad SreeperumbuduruthasanambiElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C183Vinay RamayanamElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c038Prem Sai ChatakondaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C113Raghavendra Reddy LankapotuElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C099Kondamarri R PrahaladElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c071Jagadish SettivariElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c111Sireesha LakkakulaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C166Nikhila Krishna PeddirajuElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c164Pavithra MuraliElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c168Alekhya PogadadandaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C154Om Prakash H RamanamurthyElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C127Aswitha Sarma MankalaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C182Rajanandhini RavichandranElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C234Sivasainath MekalaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C146Nalluri Laxmi Mounica KumarElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C105Kuncham SriphaneendrarajkumarElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c171Rahul Sarma PonguruElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139C088K S S KarthikeyaElectronics & Communication Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139G002Gururajan GopinathanElectronics & Instrumentation Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139E002Bramee VenkatesanInformation Technologycognizant technology solutions
11139E008Siva Sankaran M S SubramanianInformation Technologycognizant technology solutions
11139D128Parikshit TongeMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D177Sri Venkata Pavan Kumar MhsMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D031Chandramouli MadhavanMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D193Karthik Sai TwarakaviMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D156Sai BhargavMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139d050Guggilam LakshminagavenkataranadheerMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D024Bommalata GuruprasadMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D025Boyina KoushalrutvikMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D176Sreevathsan VenkatesanMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D194Vaidyanath Krishnan ViswanathMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D179Srinivasan SureshMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D103Manikantha ShastryMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D150K Ramachandra GowthamMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139D079Kishore PattabhiramanMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139d126Vijay PamarthyMechanical Engineeringcognizant technology solutions
11139c095 Lakshmi Tulasi KSSSECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c151 Nidhi SharmaECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139g001 Deepashreya S CIVIL Technoarete Research And Development Association
11139d203 Vishnu bhotla SowmyaMechTechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c100 Yasaswini KECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c117 Madhura BECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c177 Priyanka CECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c196 Shaik AyeshaECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139d058 Hari Sriram.SMechTechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139a001 Aishwarya.PCSETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139a109 Srividya.KCSETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c106 Pavan Kumar KVVSMSECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139a086 PavanCSETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139b009 HemathiEEETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139d060 HarithaMechTechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139f025 KeerthanaCIVIL & STRUCTURALTechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139f021 SakethCIVIL & STRUCTURALTechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139e005 MahalakshmiITTechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139a105 Y.Sri VyshnaviCSETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c042 Tejaswini DECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139d064 Ishitha SinghMechTechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139b011 Rasha Kireeti GEEETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c202 Gayathri S ECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139c225 Bharadwaj Datta VishnubhotlaECETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139b023 Manoj Kumar R EEETechnoarete Research And Development Association
11139f058 Sridevi N.VCIVIL & STRUCTURALTechnoarete Research And Development Association

(University u/s 3 of UGC act 1956)
Enathur, Kanchipuram-631561, Tamilnadu, India